Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chloe - one of the future faces of wine

Look at this advertisement carefully. It's in pages aimed squarely at a female readership and might easily be for a scent or jewelry - especially given the Chloe brand name. But, as the bottles on the right of the picture reveal, this particular Chloe has nothing to do with the fashion label of the same name, and is all about wine. There are a red and white from California and a Pinot Grigio from Italy.

All are fairly highly-priced, as this screenshot from California retailer Total Wine & More shows. Elsewhere, tax pushes the price up to $17.99.

I personally love the disruptive quality of a brand that sits happily alongside Cupcake and and Little Black Dress, but goes one stage further. Others - wine purists - will more than likely feel differently. But they aren't the target market for Chloe, so I doubt anyone at the Wine Group - Chloe's creators - will be too bothered about what they think.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prowein 2014

Over the three days of Prowein 2014 in Dusseldorf,
apart from rushing between the halls,
ludicrous distances, gathering information
 Meininger's Wine Business International and 
thejosephreport,attending meetings with current and
potential DoILikeIt? consultancy clients and helping
Catherine Monahan 
to run WineStarsWorld, I did a
little tweeting...

Here, by popular request (well, from four or five
people) is the unedited stream.

  1. Trapiche's argentine answer to Apothic. Huge in Canada. Partnered wth cirque du soleil.
  2. Success at Hidden Sea sold 52 containers without sampling a drop. (DHL lost wine)
  3. Nice new vineyard - focused collective effort from mclaren vale
  4. O'heard "all UK buyers are here. This is the London Wine Fair"
  5. O'heard. . "Wifi here costs €40/day. That's nearly as much as 100 litres of Spanish red!"
  6. O'heard . "I'm going to sell my wine business and get a hot dog concession here. Sell something ppl want!"
    1. O'heard "u have to hand it to natural wine marketers. If I only I cld achieve what they hv done!"
    2. O'heard "fruit flavoured wine cocktails going to be as big in Germany as in France. Huge!"
    3. O'heard . "US market is on fire right now. Like a good day on the slot machines"
    4. O'heard . "Forget China. Korea is where we're making our money in Asia today"
    5. O'heard "first growths will slash prices to 07 levels but it will still be hard to excite buyers"
    6. how come u never hear of all those faulty Ferraris?
    7. O'heard "I fear some emerging countries may have left it too late too emerge"
    8. O'heard "1 in 6 French non sprkling bottle exports is from Grands Chais. Saviours of industry!"
    9. O'heard "UK consumers r like our wives. They know we lie to them [re promotions]. They're used to it"
    10. O'heard Prowein "u get faults in everything. Ferraris have faulty chassis sometimes" (cork person)
    11. O'heard Origin party "only world wine shortage is of Ruinart BdeB after tonight!"
    12. O'heard Origin party "Bernard's shirts are one of the best bits of branding in wine world"
    13. O'heard "it's still too early for dry Riesling in Texas"
    14. O'heard "no we don't have natural wine tenders and thank god never will!" (Scandi monopoly buyer)
    15. O'heard @ "ppl r underestimating revolutionary effect German discounters r having in UK. It's only just begun!"
    16. O'heard @ . The annual Origin wines party is the epicentre of the wine world"
    17. O'heard @ . "This is officially the year I gave up on the UK" (top Tuscan producer)
    18. Fair enough. These are all only scurrilous rumours...
    19. O'heard @ . "M&S only UK buyers we saw on Sunday. Don't the others work weekends?"
    20. O'heard at "nobody's talking about shortage of tank space in Marlboro after last yr's quake"
    21. Overheard @ . "I know what it costs 2 grow grapes and ppl r selling Chard for less than that" (Aussie)
    22. Overheard at . "I've been offered three cheap Rioja bodegas today. I think I could get a bogof"
    23. I have same problems: iPhone calendar + gmail don't get on it seems
    24.  Retweeted by 
      Delighted to announce Majestic have just listed a second wine of our Winestars Argentina winner Tukuman!
    25. Getting ready for second Prowein . Busy day ahead.
    26. Please can I have some new shoes. Feet! Day 1
    27. Miguel Torres talking about Mas la Plana '10 following Tignanello '11 gt Prim Fam Vini tasting
    28. Melon, passion fruit flavoured wine from Achloss Wachenheim.
    29. My week on twitter: 62 New Followers, 80 Mentions, 335K Mention Reach, 85 Replies, 23 Retweets. via
    30. Big Turkish stand at . Opposite similarly large one for Georgia
    31. Another striking example of trend to exploit winemaker faces.
    32. Baden coop fruit-flavoured wine cocktails. Sector up by 85% this yr.
    33. Clear # prowein trend: collective stands with images of winemakers.
    34. Young south Pfalz winemakers stand. Nice initiative. Nice wines.
    35. First ever MundusVini stand at seems to be attracting interest
    36. Vicente Gandia stand. Raising money for a good cause and attracting attention with celeb faces
    37. Surprising image on Palorino Italian stand at . Angelo Gaja suggests its evidence of climate change
    38. S African stand packed with tasters at . Good to see Australians here in force too.