Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How small wineries can compete with big ones

Yesterday's post inevitably raised responses along the lines of "it's all very well for a big winery like McGuigan with huge budgets, but how can the little guys compete?"

To which I have an answer. Go look at this.

Okay, smaller wineries won't have a e-bookful of recipes by a famous chef, complete with mouthwatering images, but they can come up with recipes and images of their own.  And all they need is a computer, Powerpoint or a cheap alternative, Slideshare (free), some imagination and a bit of initiative.

Watch this space for some examples. Or better still, send me some of your own.

(By the way over 100 people viewed yesterday's recipe; how many people have looked at that pricy Youtube clip you took the effort to put up a year ago?)


  1. Shirley Kumar1:57 pm

    I agree with Robert, you don't have to have big budgets, just a little imagination and the WILL to take a risk.Too many times I have come up against: 'I will talk the talk but not walk the walk.' I managed to get Vivek Singh from the Cinammon Club and Whyte and Mackay Master Blender, Richard Paterson, at Vivek's restaurant to do a Whisky and Indian street food tasting that was filmed for Youtube and then made into programme for an Indian TV channel. It received 80,000 viewers - their target market and it didn't cost very much at all!

    This is just an example of what can be done.

    Most wineries spend so much on tastings and competitions for little return. Social media has made promotion a level playing field.

  2. Thanks Shirley... We agree, obviously.

  3. Can you write a long piece on this please... it deserves a good write up which you would be brilliant at!

    1. It's simmering in my brain right now. Working title: why are so many wine companies such stupid can'ts. (Can't afford, Can't Compete, Can't buck the infinitum)

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