Saturday, May 09, 2009

Clever Ideas #2: keeping wine fresh

As an alternative to the squeezing-a-plastic-bottle method (see below), I can offer another efficient way to keep wine fresh once it has been opened. All you have to do is keep a bag full of marbles in your kitchen and add them to the bottle of half-full wine until the surface level rises to meet the screwcap or synthetic cork. Ironically, this tip came from Jim Ledwith who makes part of his living selling equipment to achieve this objective


  1. How about inserting a balloon into the top of a bottle and blowing it up to fill the space. Then seal the open end of the balloon with a freezer clip.

    Or would the balloon coming into contact with the wine taint it in some way, I wonder?

  2. I recall someone having a similar notion involving a condom. But maybe I dreamed that... I'm not sure how easy it would be to blow up the balloon, and when it comes to taint, I think I trust the plastic bottle more than the balloon. In any case I tried it yesterday with one of my wines and will keep you posted on hew it works.